Patom Pole

This is cinematographer Alagappan’s debut directing venture, with a script by Girish Kumar. The movie opens with the elopement of young lovers Karthik(Dulquer)and Riya(Malavika Mohan). Expecting opposition from their respective Brahmin and Christian families, they decide that elopement is the only way for them to be together. Their parents surprisingly are very calm, understanding and loving(How very Anti Aniyatipravu of them)Once the compatibilty/economic realities of building a life together sets in, they decide to break up and return to their homes. Their families welcome them back with open arms and wants them to be together, especially Riya’s parents as she has compromised her virtue by living with a man for 4 days(rolls eyes).The ex lovers move on with their lives, getting jobs at the same event management company run by Mike(Anoop Menon). Then ensues some probable love triangles complications that lead to the inevitable conclusion of the lovers reuniting, once they realize their real feelings. I realize I just gave away the ending. But who are we fooling here. The ending can be discerned about 15 minutes into the movie. So no surprise there.

Bottom line is there is nothing good about this movie other than Dulquer Salman. Even his presence during the movie just makes you question his judgement in selecting this role. The only couple of good scenes in the movie belong to him and Anoop Menon. The script and direction are the weakest links. The script starts of good enough, but then meanders along aimlessly, crammed with chockfull of love story cliches. There is no story element that gives us a convincing argument as to why these two people should get back together other than a couple of half hearted attempts to conjure up a love triangle. Alagappan is a cinematographer through and through. Every frame is constructed beautifully, but that’s about it. It felt like he directed the movie, just so that he could direct his own camera, rather than telling a story. There are a multitude of beautiful shots of Allepey backwaters. The songs are average and shot very badly with terrible choreography. Newcomer Malavika is not a very good actress. All eyes and breathing, a la Kristen Stewart. I found her on screen presence very distracting.

The context of the movie was good if it had ended up in the hands of a decent scriptwriter. But even that would not have been good enough, with Alagappan at the stern. There is no saving this one. Never ever watch it.


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