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This intriguingly pronounced title word stands for housemaid in Arabic. The story is based on a feature by  expat journalist K.U.Iqbal  and the screenplay is penned by Kamal and K.Gireeshkumar. Stars Kavya Madhavan in the title role of Gaddhama and Sreenivasan plays a social worker.

The story is about a widowed village girl whose circumstances force her to take up a job in the “Gulf” as a housemaid. The movie charts her story in Saudi, a country which is well-known for its Draconian views , especially when it comes to civil rights and women’s rights.

The movie pulls together all the stories of abuse, that I have heard growing up as I was a “Gulf” child myself. These horrible violations have sadly been absorbed into our consciousness and we have reached an emotional impasse, where the brutal treatment of these utterly helpless people fails to even shock us anymore.  These human rights violations have sadly been accepted as being part of the “Gulf” experience for the majority of Malayalees.  Us, Malayalees need a strong dose of  American outrage when it comes to issues like this. I guess we will be outraged when CNN or 60 mins shoots a special on this! Continue reading